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One Room

$ 199 Flat Fee

One Room

Flooring Consultation
$ 499 Flat Fee

Two or More Rooms

Full experience
$ 199 Onboarding Fee

One Room Consultation

We added this low-cost consultation to help those homeowners get a designer’s opinion for their one room project. We will help you on 2 areas of focus, which will undoubtedly transform your space. Below are a few examples of items we can help with!

Paint Colors


Window Treatments



Flooring Consultation

Choosing the right flooring can be so hard! From trying to identify the right type, to scouring Pinterest for the right colors, to spending endless hours in the big box stores to no avail. 

Our flooring consultation begins with a visit to your home to understand the room you wish to upgrade. Once we understand the room, we’ll then coordinate a trip to our preferred flooring vendor to narrow down the options. Once we have a few options identified, we will then offer our opinion to make your space pop.

Large Project

There comes a time when our homes simply need some sprucing up. We get that, and want to be there to help you on your project. We will start with an in-person onboarding tour to review the project scope and to pick your brain on your design style. 

Once we gain an understanding of the project, we will create a project proposal for your review.

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